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B to C means providing services direct to tentative consumers. Due to intangible nature of tourism products, it becomes very important for a travel service provider that every service should be provided very carefully to the consumers. So, here at Itt Kashmir trained and well qualified personnel are working day and night to provide world class services to our clients. Also we promise our clients ‘Low Price Guarantee’ which focuses on providing cheapest and best tour package for our buyers. So, we can rest assure our clients that they are in good hands and will have memorable and astonishing vacations. With our office located in  Kashmir, we are well connected to the northern region of the country which is famous for its culture and heritage all around the globe. Having our affiliate partners in North & eastern region, we encircle whole country. Thus we are extending our arms all around the country to provide best services to our clients with cheapest holiday packages when travelling to Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

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